self care for seniors

Importance of Self Care for Seniors

Today, there’s a lot of talk about something called self-care. This is a new term for a long-standing idea: taking the time to protect and nurture your own well-being. Effective self-care involves all five dimensions of wellness, including your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health. It’s essential for everyone, regardless of their age. And…

family thanksgiving activities

Enjoying Family Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is a beloved American holiday. Every November provides the perfect occasion for family gatherings and celebrations. Seniors in assisted living cherish the holiday just as much as anyone else. For this reason, it’s important to provide ample opportunities for family fun and recreation. At Wickshire Senior Living, we know just how much family Thanksgiving…

winter joint pain

Tips for Dealing With Winter Joint Pain

When winter rolls around, it not only brings colder weather. It also brings increased chances that you’ll feel aches and pains in various joints in your body. Winter joint pain can make life uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep this pain in check. Wickshire Senior Living supports your efforts to deal with painful…

halloween activities

Fun Halloween Activities for Seniors

Wickshire Senior Living Norman offers a diverse recreational program for residents to keep living exciting and promote social interaction. Halloween isn’t just for children, and we schedule activities around this and other holidays. Crafting and fun spark the brain to keep older adults young at heart. Below, you’ll find some fun activities to organize with the older…