immunity boosting foods

5 Immunity Boosting Foods for Seniors

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to remind us of the importance of maintaining healthy immune systems, our bodies’ true first line of defense against all communicable illnesses. Although individual needs may vary, nearly everyone benefits from a balanced diet containing adequate protein for muscle building and maintenance, micronutrients from plants, augmented…

senior housing options

Which Senior Housing Option is Best for Your Loved One?

It will probably never feel like the right time to discuss senior living options with your loved one. Although this hesitancy is only natural, you may find considering the reality of moving to a community that removes unwanted responsibilities and replaces them with beloved activities to displace such fear with excitement! Also, this conversation may…

medication management tips

Helpful Medication Management Tips for Seniors

No matter how healthy and active older adults remain, most of us will require some pharmaceutical assistance to maintain the highest quality of life through our later years. However, effective regimens must consider ALL of your daily patterns and rituals from drinking coffee to eating to sleeping, meaning that any adjustment to your medication or…

mindful eating

The Importance of Mindful Eating

If you are like most Americans, you may have come to assume that healthy dining options either mean tasteless, boring food choices (think steamed broccoli and boiled chicken) or hopelessly complex dietary plans. Sometimes we are even given outright contradictory information in the media regarding food. It seems that one day we are encouraged to…

aging parents

Finding Care for Aging Parents

As a person gets older, their needs change. They need help more often. Eyesight starts to struggle, as does reaction time. That makes getting around more challenging. At the same time, mobility becomes more difficult for day-to-day tasks. For those who have aging parents, talk about expectations, needs, and changes. In some cases, it may…