At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we’re committed to creating a residential community that will feel like home for each of our older adults. We offer a wide array of events, levels of care, and daily activities for our residents so that everyone will have something they love. To find senior living services in Norman, Oklahoma, please call Wickshire Senior Living Norman or use our convenient form today.

Senior Living Services at Wickshire Senior Living Norman

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we offer a wide array of senior living services to fit a variety of needs. Each of our services includes therapeutic services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. In addition, our clinical nurses will provide medication management services to ensure that each person gets the medications they need at the correct time.

Hospice Care

When it’s no longer possible to cure your loved one’s condition, it may be time to consider hospice care. This level of care allows us to manage your loved one’s symptoms and pain levels as we provide comfort and dignity in their final days. We’re also able to provide this level of care in the place that your loved one calls home, whether that is in our community or in your home.

Assisted Living

As people get older, they’re often not able to do everything that they once could. They may struggle to do daily living activities, such as cleaning themselves, getting dressed, or moving around. Fortunately, with assisted living services, we can support your loved one each day. We will provide dignified care and assist them throughout the day while providing them the freedom they desire.

Home Health Care

Sometimes, it’s not feasible to move into a community for seniors. However, this should not mean your loved one doesn’t get the support they need. To that end, we offer a range of home health care services, which can support your loved one throughout their time with us.

Respite Care

There’s no doubt that taking care of an older adult can be incredibly stressful. It can take a toll on the caregiver’s mental and physical health, leaving them stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, respite services are available for caregivers. Respite care provides caregivers a break for a short amount of time. Our professionals will take excellent care of your loved one as long as they’re in our care.

Wise and Well

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we believe in living a purposeful life. Our Wise and Well program encourages residents, their families, and our associates to engage in a variety of activities. Our senior programs give each resident the chance to create activities they want to participate in and lead.

Meals on Wheels

Millions of Americans live in fear of hunger, while many more live in isolation, which can lead to a range of physical and mental health problems. Fortunately, Meals on Wheels can deter many of these issues. Wickshire Senior Living Norman has partnered with the Meals on Wheels community to provide human connection, nutrition, and consistent safety checks to people in our care.

Wickshire Wednesday

We recognize the services that the first responders in our community provide. Therefore, we’ve developed our Wickshire Wednesdays to show them our appreciation. Whether that means cooking a hearty breakfast or providing a helping hand, we’re here to support our first responders.

Contact Wickshire Senior Living Norman

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we want to provide the support and care your loved one needs. We offer top-notch care at affordable prices, which we specifically design for the needs of middle-class Americans. To learn more about our senior living services, please call Wickshire Senior Living Norman today at 405.451.5572.