When you need to choose a place for your loved one to live, you need to be confident in the services the location offers. That includes the food. Dining services can help your loved one feel right at home, with food that they know and love available to them every day. At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we offer a wide range of options for your loved one to choose from, ensuring all of their needs are met. To learn more about our senior services, please contact our team today at 405.451.5572.

What Are Dining Services?

When your loved one chooses to call Wickshire Senior Living Norman home, we provide them with information ondining services each of the services we offer, including our dining programs. There are options available to meet most needs. That includes meals they can eat in your private living area as well as community meals. Dining services include handling all aspects of food preparation for them (and the cleanup needs as well!) After years of working so hard, they can trust us to take care of the cooking and cleanup for them.

Dining Services in Oklahoma Address Special Needs

A big part of what we do within our program is to ensure our residents get the type and quality of food they expect and want. That also includes meeting any dietary restrictions they may have. For example, your loved one may be on a low Vitamin K diet or a healthy heart diet. We do our best to ensure your loved one will have just what they need no matter what their normal food needs are. We also provide vegetarian diet options.

Communicate What Your Loved One’s Needs Are

When you reach out to learn more about our community, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about the wide range of senior services we offer your loved one. We also want to know what their needs are. If you are looking for something specific, let us know. We are confident we can help your loved one stay in the best health possible. This includes concerns with:

  • Dietary restrictions for medical needs
  • Allergies
  • Foods you like and dislike
  • Foods to support healthy living
  • Weight management goals
  • Dietary lifestyles

The more you communicate with our team, the better we are able to help support each one of your loved one’s needs. The key here is to know that our team is dedicated to providing your loved one with a welcoming place to call home.

Find Your Loved One’s New Home at Wickshire Senior Living Norman

When your loved one decides to call Wickshire Senior Living Norman home, or they’re using our respite care services, we are committed to providing for their goals and needs. We do this through programs such as our Meals on Wheels partnership for those still living at home but need some help with having meals delivered to their door.

If you are looking for a community to call home for your loved one where they can enjoy a higher quality of life, reach out to us today. Please take a closer look at all of the senior programs we offer as well as the services we provide to our residents. That includes programs such as:

It’s always important to embrace healthy living. That’s why at Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we offer comprehensive dining services. These are meant to help you enjoy a higher quality of life while ensuring your dietary needs are met every time. If you are looking for a new place to call home, reach out to us online or call 405.451.5572 to find out what we can offer in dining services in Oklahoma.