5 Dimensions Of WellnessToday, research shows the seniors are the largest growing population, with thousands reaching their 65th birthday each day. Unfortunately, this birthday leads older adults to face a wide array of unique challenges. Learning to navigate these challenges, advocate for themselves, and more become critical for their long-term health. At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, our Wise and Well program helps older adults improve the 5 dimensions of wellness. With a personalized care program that our team will tailor to your loved one’s needs, they can grow and thrive. To learn more about how this program can support your loved one, please call Wickshire Senior Living Norman today at 405.451.5572.

What Are the 5 Dimensions of Wellness?

The 5 dimensions of wellness are areas of healthiness that each person must maintain in order to remain fit. Unfortunately, as people grow older, they often neglect one or more of these dimensions either because they feel they can no longer put in the work to maintain them. When an older adult comes to the community at Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we strive to ensure that our residents are able to stay healthier for more extended periods of time. We evaluate their overall health to ensure that we understand their needs before we develop a personalized care program for each person.

Experts suggest that the 5 dimensions of wellness are as follows:

  • Physical wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Intellectual wellness

We take an intentional approach to our community’s whole-person wellness. We look at each person’s needs and create opportunities for them to maintain the 5 dimensions of wellness each week. We then provide a report that allows them to see what they did to maintain their health the week before. This approach allows our residents to see the steady progress they’re making.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Wellness?

Maintaining the 5 dimensions of wellness is critical for overall health. It improves the individual’s mental health, lowers their risk of falling, and allows them to promote their nutritional practices. In fact, research shows that a significant amount of the effects of mental and physical aging is due to the lifestyle choices a person makes each day. Furthermore, additional research indicates that maintaining wellness is critical to a longer life.

As a result of this research, we take steps to help each person thrive in our community. For instance, we offer engaging and fun physical activities to help our residents maintain their physical wellness. These programs are excellent for those who want to keep moving to maintain their mobility and strength. Our team also ensures that our residents don’t get injured or overdo the exercises.

In addition, research shows that people need social interaction to maintain good physical and mental health. To that end, we invite volunteers into our community and provide plenty of recreational and educational activities where residents can engage with each other. We strive to ensure that each person has the opportunity to talk to and engage with people regularly.

These are only two aspects of wellness that we address at Wickshire Senior Living Norman. Schedule a visit to our community to learn more about our Wise and Well program.

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