Home Health CareEither because of an older adult’s desires or financial concerns, it isn’t always feasible to move into an assisted living community, such as Wickshire Senior Living Norman. Fortunately, with the help of home health care services, your loved one can live at home as long as possible, despite their injury or illness. This level of care can delay the need for a long-term care community because it covers a wide variety of services. Let our team support you and your loved one. To learn more about how this service can benefit your loved one, contact Wickshire Senior Living Norman today at 405.451.5572.

Who Requires Home Health Care Services?

Regardless of how well we care for our bodies, at some point, most older adults will require some level of care at some point in life. This fact can be challenging to accept, especially if your loved one is used to being independent and taking care of themselves and their family. However, as they get older, circumstances change, making it more difficult for your loved one to get around the house and take care of themself. Despite these challenges, their finances or personal wishes may prevent them from finding an assisted living community or residential services. In such cases, home health care may be ideal for your loved one. This type of care includes a range of services, including:

Our team members may also assist your loved one with daily living activities, including eating, dressing, or bathing. Furthermore, our staff can also help with certain housekeeping activities and cooking to ensure that your loved one gets the nutrition they need.

The Difference Between Home Health Care and Home Care Services

It’s vital to recognize that home health care services and home care services aren’t the same. Home health care services can involve specific home care services, but these aids focus on the spectrum’s medical side. Home health care tends to support older adults in their recovery from injury or illness, whereas home care focuses on housecleaning and other chores.

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, our team includes licensed clinical nurses, home health aides, and therapists. Not only do they work with those who need home health care services, but our team also works in our community to support our residents.

What to Do When You’ve Hired Home Health Care Services

When you reach out to Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we encourage you to spend time talking with our caregivers. In doing so, you can discuss your loved one’s needs and what needs to happen each day. You should also inform the team member about things they should know about your loved one, providing both verbal and written instructions. For instance, you may want to discuss topics such as:

  • General likes and dislikes
  • Any underlying health conditions, including injuries or illnesses
  • What medications they take, how often, and what times
  • Potential behavior issues and how to manage them
  • Whether they have any mobility issues
  • Any special needs, such as allergies, special diets, walkers, hearing aids, or dentures
  • Any necessary therapeutic exercises, along with detailed instructions

You may also want to leave behind any emergency contacts for family members, doctors, and anyone else who they can contact in a crisis situation.

Call Wickshire Senior Living Norman

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we’re committed to supporting older adults and their family members, regardless of their situation. In addition to our home health care services, we also provide supports such as:

To get home health care services for your loved one or to learn more about our options for senior adults, please call Wickshire Senior Living Norman today at 405.451.5572.