Getting older can make specific things harder to do. Housekeeping tasks that your loved one used to do every day, like washing the dishes or doing laundry, get put off further and further because it’s painful or too tiring. That is why it is so important to turn to a trusted and experienced team for help. If your loved one calls Wickshire Senior Living Norman home, they’ll have access to housekeeping services for the elderly. Please reach out to our team today at 405.451.5572 to learn more about this essential amenity.

Why Should You Choose to Get Housekeeping Services?

Woman assisting elderly residents through housekeeping services

Many adults notice that their older parent is no longer able to care for their home and needs. It’s vital to remember that it is normal for a person to be unable to maintain the same quality of life and care when they get older. Joints hurt, muscles ache, and moving the hands is not always so simple. However, your loved one still needs a clean and orderly place to call home. That’s when using housekeeping services can provide help. It can help your loved one to:

  • Ensure a safe environment
  • Minimize the risk of falls
  • Reduce the risk of illness from infection or bacteria
  • Improve overall quality of life
  • Give your loved one more time to do the things they want to do

What types of household tasks is your loved one putting off because they are hard to do? What puts them at risk at home?

Find the Services Your Loved One Needs

Our community offers the type of support most people need as they get older. That includes senior services around your loved one’s home that may be necessary, such as helping to pick up and organize areas. It may also include washing the dishes, helping with laundry, and keeping the bathroom clean. Our team also provides your loved one with sweeping the floors, the dusting, and other tasks they need help with consistently. The type and amount of support your loved one will receive from us depends on their specific needs.

Making the Decision to Find a New Home for Your Loved One

If you are unsure if now is the right time to invest in our services, take a few minutes to meet with our team at Wickshire Senior Living Norman. Here, you will find a wide range of senior resources available to help your loved one, including numerous amenities to ensure a higher quality of life. Your loved one also will have access to programs that allow them to maintain the lifestyle they love. They can keep doing the things they love to do without worrying about things that are too hard to manage.

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we offer a range of community living options for your loved one as well as programs that make daily living a bit easier. This includes:

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, your loved one will live in a modern, comfortable community. They will no longer have to worry about tackling all of those household chores on their own. Our housekeeping services in Norman, Oklahoma can keep your loved one’s living area as clean as possible. We encourage you and your loved one to reach out to us to learn more about the type of care we can offer. We can also inform you about what your loved one can expect when they live in our community.

Turn to Wickshire Senior Living Norman for a Consultation

If you are looking for housekeeping services for the elderly, our team at Wickshire Senior Living Norman can help you. We provide these services to those living within our community. Your loved one can count on our team to provide exceptional care. Learn more when you call 405.451.5572 or connect with us online.