Meals On Wheels Norman OkIn times of great sickness or stress, your co-workers, church, friends, or family members may have dropped off a warm meal. This simple act can be an incredible blessing, as it shows care and thoughtfulness in the midst of life’s challenges. Similarly, a warm meal can change the life of an older adult who cannot make it out of the house. Your loved one may rely on other people to meet their nutritional and social needs, which isn’t always feasible if your parent or loved one doesn’t live close to friends and family members. Fortunately, the Meals on Wheels delivery program can provide this service to seniors across the state of Oklahoma.

Wickshire Senior Living Norman proudly partners with Meals on Wheels to ensure each member of our community gets the care and support they need. To learn more about Meals On Wheels in Norman, OK, please call Wickshire Senior Living Norman today at 405.451.5572.

What Are Meals On Wheels?

Many seniors across Norman, OK, and the country at large find that healthy meals are hard to come by on a regular basis. The situations that lead to this issue vary from person to person, but they may include:

  • A range of physical or mental health reasons can make regular meal preparation challenging.
  • The person cannot walk or drive the distance that’s necessary to find healthier food alternatives.
  • Unhealthy fast food options are more convenient or cheaper.
  • Preparing healthy meals is expensive and requires more energy than the older adult has to expend.
  • There are no grocery stores nearby due to the food deserts becoming more prominent throughout the United States.

Furthermore, due to physical challenges and other issues, many suffer from some form of social isolation. Unfortunately, research shows that contact with other people is vital to both physical and mental health.

Meals on Wheels works to solve both of these challenges simultaneously. This is a program that started in 1972 that supports over 5,000 communities. This program is committed to addressing hunger and social isolation for seniors and serves nearly every community in the country. For the last 50 years, this program has served regular delicious and nutritious meals to those in our community. Through this program, volunteers deliver the meals and visit those who can’t make it out of the house.

Who Can Benefit from Meals on Wheels?

Many people can benefit from the services that Meals on Wheels provide. These meals are both nutritious and balanced with the nutrients that older adults need to remain healthy. For instance, dairy products will strengthen your loved one’s bones, and fruits boost their immunity. Additionally, they’ll have plenty of vegetables that will keep their eyes and hearts working well.

With the balanced meals that Meals on Wheels offer, you can keep your loved one feeling healthy, strong, and energized. Even if some challenge arises, you and your loved one can rest assured, knowing that someone will check on them regularly and there is a meal coming on schedule.

Learn More at Wickshire Senior Living Norman

At Wickshier Senior Living Norman, we want to ensure that every member of our community gets the support and nutrition they need. Meals On Wheels in Norman, OK can ensure that this desire is a reality. In addition to partnering with Meals on Wheels, we also offer a range of additional senior living services to support older adults, including:

With the help of Wickshire Senior Living Norman and Meals on Wheels, your loved one can get the care and support they need. To learn more about our programs for older adults, please call our team today at 405.451.5572.