physical therapy servicesPhysical therapy is an integral part of the recovery process from injury or illness. Whenever the body goes through a major event such as a fall or an extended hospital stay, it takes time and support to recover. You may need a lot of help getting back on your feet or just a few bits of support. Our team at Wickshire Senior Living Norman can offer comprehensive physical therapy services. To learn about our services, please call Wicskhire Senior Living Norman today at 405.451.5572.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy Services?

An investment in physical therapy is sometimes necessary to help older adults get back on their feet. When their bodies are not ready to jump back into their lifestyle, therapy can offer the support they need to strengthen them. Depending on your loved one’s needs, therapy can provide a range of benefits such as:

  • Rehabilitating after an injury to avoid surgery
  • Improving mobility and movement
  • Reducing pain without needing to use opioids to do so
  • Managing age-related medical problems
  • Gaining strength and physical fitness
  • Recovery after a stroke or paralysis
  • Overcoming weakness that sets in during extended hospital stays

If your loved one has been in the hospital for a long time or had a recent injury, it’s best to give their body all of the support it needs to heal.

What Happens During Physical Therapy Services?

Your therapist works with your loved one one-on-one to create a treatment plan. That plan follows all doctor restrictions and goals while also improving and maintaining their health during the process. The program may include a range of strategies as well as a long-term goal for you. For some people, that may be improving their ability to walk. Other times, it may be related to pain management. Your therapist will work with your loved one to create strategies, to achieve those goals. They may include:

  • Exercises to help build muscles
  • Supportive movements until you can do them yourself
  • Strength building in the body’s muscles and core
  • Improving stability through toning
  • Building up the heart’s ability to function at its best with cardio
  • Range of motion exercise

During physical therapy, your loved one will relearn how to move their body in the best fashion possible to achieve their goals. For example, they’ll learn what type of exercises to do, how to do them, and how often to do them to see results. Even if you think physical therapy isn’t necessary, it can build your loved one’s stamina and give them back some of their confidence after a long injury. Because it is so flexible and customizable, they may notice themselves enjoying the process.

What Type of Physical Therapy for Older Adults Is Right for You?

If you know your loved one needs physical therapy services, let our professionals help. We can provide these senior living services if they are living within our community, such as in our assisted living communities. They may also qualify for a home health aid to come to their home. If that is the case, our physical therapists are happy to come to them to offer support and guidance.

The first step is a consultation to get to know your loved one and all their need. We’ll create a plan and start working on improving your loved one’s health along the way. It takes some time and a lot of hard work, but many people see significant improvement.

Find the Care Your Loved One Needs at Wickshire Senior Living Norman

Invest in your loved one’s best outcome by using our physical therapy services. At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we offer various strategies and tools to help you thrive again. Learn more about how we can help you when you call 405.451.5572 or connect with us online.