Transportation ServicesSometimes, getting around can be hard to do. Whether it is to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or going to church, it may be difficult to find someone to take your loved one where you need to go. That is why having transportation services is a big part of what we do at Wickshire Senior Living Norman. We offer medical transportation services so your loved one does not have to miss an appointment. To learn more about our amenities, please contact our team today at 405.451.5572.

Why Are Medical Transportation Services So Hard to Find?

It is not uncommon for those who are older to be unable to drive themselves around. Failing eyesight and slower reflexes can sometimes make it a bit difficult to have confidence behind the wheel. Furthermore, it can be hard to find friends and family members available frequently enough to meet all of their needs. From getting groceries to going to medical appointments, finding transportation can be a challenge for many people.

Medical Transportation Services We Offer

If your loved one lives in our community at Wickshire Senior Living Norman, they can access our transportation services. These services can help your loved one with most of their needs, including medical services as needed. They may need to go in for a procedure, go to a doctor’s appointment, or visit the dentist. Your loved one can also make arrangements for other needs, such as going to and from an attorney’s office or attending religious services. There is a lot of flexibility here.

Our transportation services provide your loved one with options in a safe manner, such as:

  • Be transported the way your loved one needs to be based on their mobility needs
  • Have help getting around as they need it
  • Be confident enough to get back to appointments if they’ve put them off for a while
  • Know that there’s help available that doesn’t require reaching out to family
  • Expect top-notch service and respect from their drivers

Keep in mind that our emergency transportation services are available for your loved one at any time. If your loved one lives at Wickshire Senior Living Norman and experiences a medical emergency, calling 911 isn’t always necessary. We can provide treatment for many immediate needs due to our staff of clinical nurses. However, if your loved one does require emergency medical care, there is help available to get them to the hospital quickly and safely.

A Comprehensive List of Services Are Available to You

When your family decides to get help and improve your loved one’s quality of life, our team at Wickshire Senior Living Norman wants to help. Take the time to reach out to our team today to learn more about the senior programs and services we offer. We’ll help you discover the benefits of living in a community that helps support your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

At Wickshire Senior Living Norman, we provide a range of resources to help your loved one, including programs to keep them happy and busy. Some of the programs we encourage your loved one to be a part of or to take advantage of include:

Please take a moment to learn more about our medical services and transportation options. Each person’s needs are unique, but we aim to provide your loved one with access to those services best suited for their needs.

Choose a Trusted Provider Like Wickshire Senior Living Norman

When it comes to getting to and from appointments, let our team at Wickshire Senior Living Norman do the work for your loved one. Medical transportation services are one of the services we offer as a component of the care we provide to seniors. We encourage you and your family to learn more about what our team can offer when you call 405.451.5572 or connect with us online